Crafting digital adventures.

From basic WordPress websites to online stores. From custom developed web applications to iPhone apps. User Experience to Graphic Design. SXDA is here to help.

A digital agency focused on supporting the little guys. And the big guys, if they ask nicely.

SXDA is a digital agency twenty years in the making. From day one, our goal has been to support businesses of any size in their endeavour to represent themselves online in the best way possible. We have always believed that it is not our clients job to understand the online world, but our job to guide them down the correct path. Whilst being available now, and into the future, to support them when they need it most. Our founding goals have not changed to this day. We pride ourselves on being the digital agency you’ve never heard of, whilst supporting the companies you’re soon to know about. We believe there is a sexiness in the day to day tasks that help keep a website running well, and we’re here to take care of that for our clients.

So if you feel that you’d like a partner in navigating the online world, please drop us a line.

Website Development

WordPress websites designed to suit your business needs and personality. From basic sites for your small business, to full e-commerce solutions.

Application Development

Can’t find software to work with your business processes? Let us build a custom application to help streamline your business workflow.

UX & Graphic Design

From user experience design for your application or website, to branding and graphic design. Need it printed? We can handle that as well.

Maintenance & Support

Small businesses don’t have the time to maintain their website. That’s why we’re here. Supporting WordPress websites in any way you need.


Digitising motorsport.

SXDA has been proudly working with the Benalla Auto Club for the past 10 years to digitise their footprint in the motorsport world. A complete range of digital assets including websites, e-commerce, custom business application software and iPhone apps have been developed. 


Abstract online.

Artistry would have to be one of the oldest professions alive. But gone are the days of catching the nearest horse to the kings castle to show off your wares. Today, an artist must present as well online as they do in real life. A challenge we undertook for Sunshine Coast abstract artist Sharon Hughes.


Financials for the pros.

Professional sport is a crazy world. What’s even crazier is the value of professional athletes and the contracts they sign. This leaves some with untold wealth. How do they manage all this money? With the help of companies like BG Advisors. SXDA has been working with BG Advisors to deliver an online presence fit for the pros.


Streamlining supplychain.

In the global economy, the entire world is the new supply chain. The size of the supply chain however does not mean deals can close any slower. Quite the opposite. SXDA has been working with Dunmark Electronics to simplify their supply chain pricing acquisition to save time internally, and be faster to market for their customers.