a digital agency 25 years in the making

Humble beginnings are often cliche. But we may just well be the definition of it. From our founders bedroom at 15 years old making websites for his junior sports team, to a company that has customers spanning the globe 25 years later. SXDA is still very much a humble, no frills, technology business. And that’s just the way we like it.

SXDA started it’s journey into existence back in 1996 with our founder Stuart Cox experimenting with photoshop and making websites from the comfort of his bedroom. This turned into an ongoing freelance design and development venture in 2000. Starting in 2010, Stuart Cox Design became a full time entity servicing clients around the globe in all things design, branding and website related.

Fast forward to 2022 and Stuart Cox Design is all grown up, and now servicing clients as SXDA, with a strong focus on helping businesses of any size enjoy the prospect of building their online presence.

With a team of professionals both locally and around the globe, SXDA is firmly focused on the next 25 years, an ensuring our customers are supported on their journey.


Put simply, we take pride in the basics. Our main purpose is to support our clients on a daily, weekly, monthly basis and into the future, when you need it most. We absolutely do our best to keep the work as simple as possible, so as not to over complicate what we’re trying to achieve together.

There can be an unfortunate trend with creative agencies to only be interested in the coolest work and the most popular clients. And whilst there must be agencies pushing the envelope in that direction, what about the uncool work? The client’s you’re yet to know about yet? That’s where we shine. There is no business whom we won’t provide our knowledge and expertise for. That’s our promise.

Stuart Cox
founder / solutions architect / amateur beard grower