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Web Application Development

SXDA is all about making your business operate smoother

SXDA is all about making your business operate smoother and is easier to run, especially when it comes to helping automate processes that are still being done manually by you. That costs added time and money, and that’s where SXDA can help. 

While many off-the-shelf software claim to make things easier, every business is different and we understand that your unique business has unique processes. Your business isn’t a simple paint by numbers operation, it’s unique, and so should what we build for you. That’s why our custom web applications offer business solutions especially designed for your needs. 

web application development

Whether it be custom application development, full front end and back end web development, native mobile applications, custom application development, UX design, it’s all about streamlining, and improving both you and your customer’s experience. 

For an example of what we can do, and have done for over 15 years see our case studies page, filled with clients that are happy that we made their business run like they always wanted it to.  

So this one is about pure web / application development

do you have a unique business with unique processes?

do you feel that off the shelf cheap software is making life harder, not easier.

do you want to invest in software that can help automate processes that are still being done manually.

we make custom web applications to suit your business processes and customers.

we can also build native mobile applications (we’ve not actually got any in the wild, but we can)


Examples of our work are things like. Race management software for race tracks

Contract Manufacturer Price gathering and inventory management.

Membership management

custom report building applications

typical database and payment platforms

complete licence, membership and event management for go karting.

we could include case studies here, or have seperate pages for case studies for each of the main apps we have build.


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