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WordPress Maintenance Service

WordPress Maintenance

WordPress Maintenance

The Support You Need

At SXDA it’s not just about building web pages, it is about creating relationships. We began your website building process in learning how your business works – why you do it, what you sell, and why you sell it, and that team dynamic doesn’t just end because we finished building it.

To give you the support and confidence to maintain and grow your business, we are always on hand to offer continued WordPress maintenance. We will handle the technical upkeep of the site in order to maintain updated plugins, backup downloads, server health, and technical reports.

We realise that sometimes issues arise, but with 15 years of experience at SXDA right beside you, we will solve any issues in a competent and timely manner. We got you.

wordpress website maintenance
WordPress Maintenance

The Support You Will Get

Receive Daily Backups

Clients that choose our Maintenance Package will receive additional daily offsite backups, as well as the backups provided by their own hosting company. This allows for “one click restore” in the event of an emergency. Great piece of mind to have, we say!

Receive Monthly Reports

Each month we will send an itemised report of the updates that were made in that time, as well as any security vulnerabilities discovered. A status check of those backups will also be included, so we will always be keeping you in the loop about the measures SXDA is taking, to keep your site running at an optimal level.

Receive Plugins Maintenance and Security

Plugins are what make a WoodPress site tick, as they extend the functionality of the basic program. Basically it’s like hotting up a car! Anywhere from 15-25 different plugins can operate on the site at the one time, all combining together to make your site function as it should.
The downside is that these are the number one security risk, so maintaining these plugins will increase site security, and keep your site running at premium levels. Every month, when all the plugins are updated, essentially your site is brand new again!


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