a quick look at some of our projects

revolutionising e-commerce.

E-commerce drives the entire world. It drives the smallest businesses, and the largest. When it comes to web development though, the landscape is fractured at best. SXDA is developing a world first shopping network aimed at helping you shop, without you even knowing it.

Go kart. go digital.

Your favourite Formula 1 stars all started in Go Karts. Which is why it’s serious business. Karting NSW approached SXDA to help take their state wide online systems to a new level. Covering everything from Licensing, to club memberships, to race entry, the new portal developed by SXDA gives Karting NSW the digital view they needed.

Karting NSW was fortunate enough to be recommended the services of SXDA to develop a custom web app for our NSW Government appointed State Sport Organisation (SSO). Our organisation has very complex business requirements, particularly around memberships, licences and events. Throughout the design and build of the new solution, it became clear Stuart was able to offer very clever and simple methods of solving complex problems.

Stuart has enabled our organisation to shift from ‘renting software’ to owning our own modern and contempory solution that is seen as an asset and one we’re very proud of.

I strongly recommend the services of SXDA.
Ben Aylen
Director of Administration, KartingNSW

Financials for the pros.

Professional sport is a crazy world. What’s even crazier is the value of professional athletes and the contracts they sign. This leaves some with untold wealth. How do they manage all this money? With the help of companies like BG Advisors. SXDA has been working with BG Advisors to deliver an online presence fit for the pros.

abstract online.

Artistry would have to be one of the oldest professions alive. But gone are the days of catching the nearest horse to the kings castle to show off your wares. Today, an artist must present as well online as they do in real life. A challenge we undertook for Sunshine Coast abstract artist Sharon Hughes.

Digitising motorsport.

SXDA has been proudly working with the Benalla Auto Club for the past 10 years to digitise their footprint in the motorsport world. A complete range of digital assets including websites, e-commerce, custom business application software and iPhone apps have been developed.

Our digital infrastructure is vital to our business both in terms of customer acquisition and event management. SXDA has been an amazing business partner, and problem solver, in all our digital endeavours.
Chris Lewis-Williams
CEO, Benalla Auto Club

Streamlining Supplychain.

In the global economy, the entire world is the new supply chain. The size of the supply chain however does not mean deals can close any slower. Quite the opposite. SXDA has been working with Dunmark Electronics to simplify their supply chain pricing acquisition through custom build software, to save time internally, and be faster to market for their customers.

SXDA has been able to not only deconstruct our manual processes and offer a solution, but they've also delivered on that solution. The amount of man hours our new software has saved is immeasurable. We look forward to a continued relationship.
Andrew Cromarty
Operations Manager, Dunmark Electronics

rack safety.

Workplace safety has never been more important. It’s also never been harder to stay on top of legal requirements. With a focus on warehouse infrastructure, the Rack Inspector completes regulatory safety checks on the regular. They key to making it all work seamlessly is custom software built for the inspection industry. Thats where we come in.

Schools in.

Strathcona Girls Grammar is one of Melbourne’s most prestigious girls schools. Nestled in the idillic surrounds of Canterbury, Strathcona partners with us to deliver all of their digital solutions. From their main website, to e-commerce, to prospectus and event platform delivery.