Application Development

Businesses are unique. So too in many cases are the applications required to run them.

Investing in custom software applications to automate the unique processes your business has, can be a long term game changer for your productivity.

We are captivated by the boom of off the shelf applications, with low monthly costs and quick setups. But if that software doesn’t work with our business, what is the real cost? Are key tasks taking longer than software should allow? What is the long term time cost of those tasks compounded?

Whether it be automating manually performed tasks, or providing greater transparency to all in your company, investing in custom software can repay your investment exponentially over time. All whilst building another asset for your company that you own in its entirety.

Speak with us today about how a custom web application could help your business.

Some recent projects

Karting New South Wales

Karting NSW required a comprehensive management system to automate the purchasing of club memberships, licences and event management and entry for the thousands of karting participants across the state.

Dunmark Electronics

With a supply chain the world over, Dunmark Electronics required a more streamlined approach to obtaining quotes from many suppliers, across thousands of line items. Our new quoting portal gives Dunmark, suppliers and clients insight into quoting, costings and delivery like never before.

Tricky Wickets

A world first cricket experience in the heart of Melbourne, Tricky Wicket had the unique requirement of capturing player scores from their custom build cricket simulators. Our task was to develop a custom build registration, player management, score capture and marketing system designed completely around a hardware system.

Rack Inspector

All of the warehouses across the country with floor to ceiling palette racking need safety checks. Thats where the Rack Inspector comes in. Our new web based application allows for the ease of creating reports, informing customers, and automatically reminding users when their next inspection is due.

Winton Raceway

Week in, week out, Winton Raceway is a leader in motorsport racing and events. Our event management and member portal allows admin to create and manage events. With users being able to enter and manage their details online.

Boom Studios

With a large workforce both office bound and onsite, Boom Studios had a unique requirement for time sheet management. Unique industry award required additional logic to work with the unique hours kept by staff. Whilst timesheets are at the core, a complete HR management system was the result for this growing business.